air-forceWhile the Air Force only has one location for basic training, the Army has several, including Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina; Fort Knox in Louisville, Kentucky; Fort Leonard Wood in Waynesville, Missouri; Fort; and Fort Sill in Lawton, Oklahoma. Where you attend is primarily dependent upon the location of your follow-on, Advanced Individual Training (Job Training).
In fact, if you enlist in one of the Combat Arms MOS`s, you very well may receive basic training and Advanced Individual Training all at one location: Fort Benning for infantry; Fort Knox for armor; Fort Leonard Wood for combat engineers, military police, and chemical. You can get more information about these Army posts in U.S. Military Site`s Army Installations Listing. Because of the many locations of Army Basic Training, the below training schedules may vary slightly from location to location (but not much).
Editor`s Note: Recruits "lucky" enough to attend basic training at Fort Benning, GA will be part of a test-program which significantly changes the basic training schedule. While the length of basic training isn`t changing, the test program makes it much more "intense." Field Exercises are expanded from the current 3 days to 10 days for one test group, and from 3 days to 23 days for the other test program (you don`t get to find out which test group you are in until after you get there). For details, see related article.
As with Air Force Basic Training, you`ll want to do some things to prepare in advance before departing for Army Boot Camp. Your recruiter should give you a list of what you can and cannot bring. While it may be cool in high school to loosely interpret "can do" and "cannot do" rules, don`t try this in boot camp. If it ain`t on the list, don`t bring it. Drill Sergeants have a way of using selective new recruits to demonstrate the failings of civilian society for the rest of the recruits, and -- if you can possibly help it -- you don`t want to do anything that can award you the MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) of "Temporary Teaching Aid."
As with all military boot camps, tobacco products are forbidden, so if you smoke or chew, now would be a good time to quit.
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